Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15, 2010


Yr is the letter Y

Yr is a source of joy and honour to every prince and knight;
it looks well on a horse and is a reliable equipment for a journey

Yr is often translated as bow or yew bow. Yew wood is often used in making bows, both historically and currently.
Yr symbolizes skill, ability and proficiency. It is the expression of the hunter (which in the past as it was done with bow and arrow, was very much a method of skill) but also of the craftsman, whose skilled hands created the bow, arrows, tools and other items. In a reading it is an expression of that skill, or having skill and the application of it. It also implies finesse and efficiency, whether material or spiritual. In being able to achieve results, sometimes using all of your might can overdo it. If you can just apply the right amount of force, influence or leverage, you can achieve your desires gently, but successfully.

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