Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rant on Love and Judgement

After some recents events involving people in my life, someone made the comment to me that "they love everyone equally" and "they don't judge."  The only thing I can think of is "wow, that's totally messed up."  Why?  because you just accept and tolerate every persons behavior they will either a) eventually walk right over you, but you won't care just you don't judge and b) stomp all over everyone around you while you sit back, loving them, not judging and allowing them to carry on in destructrive ways.  Love and judgement go together in my book.  If you are not judging someone's behavior, then you do not love them either.  If you don't love someone, then you also don't bother to judge thier actions and seek to help them correct it when they are maladaptive behaviors.  It just really irks me when people tell others "You shouldn't judge" or "Don't judge" when it comes to poor behavior, when they really mean I shouldn't judge them because of certain physical traits that they cannot control.  But all people can control thier behavior, as the nature of all behavior is voluntary.  So when someone is behaving poorly, I will judge thier behavior and tell them to knock it off, as they have chosen at some point, to act inappropriately to the situation and it's context.