Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 18, 2010 - Ehwaz reversed


Ehwaz is the short “e” sound, like pet

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

The horse is a joy to princes in the presence of warriors.
A steed in the pride of its hoofs,when rich men on horseback bandy words about it;and it is ever a source of comfort to the restless

Ehwaz reversed says “Slow Down!!!” Now is not the time to rush, hurry, and move through things quickly, and seemingly on auto-pilot. Allows yourself to stop and think things through, or be more conscious in your actions and decisions, because you can’t really count on things to be where you think they ought to be. You may want to make a move in advance. Planning on leaving everything on time, or even early, to account for the slow motion you are going to experience.

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