Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4, 2010 - Shtan


Shtan has a “sh” sound, but otherwise does not have a letter equivalent.

There is no rune poem for Shtan. It is a Northumbrian rune.

Shtan means “stone”. As a rune, it reflects the almost eternal power of stone and rock, which can endure decades, and centuries. The influence that Shtan indicates is one that is permanent and slow to change, or that requires great skill, patience and determination to bring to any change to, and often the changes are small, like chipping of stone with a sculptor’s chisel. It is very stable for that reason, and also very neutral. It is also a rune of wealth, but it points to wealth that is enduring and lasting, like owning land that is passed down from family members for a long time, or items that only gain in value, like precious stones and metals.

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