Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3, 2010 - Laguz reversed

Laguz Reversed

Laguz is the letter L

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

The ocean seems interminable to men,
if they venture on the rolling barkand the waves of the sea terrify themand the courser of the deep heed not its bridle.

Today is Laguz reversed. When laguz appears reversed, it can have two possible meanings. It either shows things to be stagnant and unmoving, or that the flow of things has changed direction. It is no longer a flow going out from you, but flowing moving towards and in to you. Today feels like an inward flow. Energies, physical/mental/ spiritual are returning to you, most likely because you need them more then they are needed elsewhere. Perhaps there is blockage within and so the energies are working to overwhelm and break though. It might be for healing, it might be personal progress, but the flow is definitely moving in reverse. This might seem like a bad thing, but I suppose only if you are used to be an outgoing type of person.

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