Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15, 2010 - Feoh


Feoh is the letter F

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

Wealth is a comfort to all men;
yet must every man bestow it freely,if he wish to gain honour in the sight of the Lord
Feoh is the rune of Wealth, Gold and Riches. As it is the wealth rune of portable wealth, it seems that when most people I have met who know anything about runes, it usually involves Feoh and how they can work with it. It does tend to bring money with it wherever it appears or is used. Sometimes that means it needs to be spent, without fear or concern and know that the expenditure will bring benefit. Other times, it will be coming to you. Either way, it is best to have a little financial wisdom when seeing this rune appear.

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